Besplatna M banking usluga za sve studente!

  • M banking

Did you know that your account on which you are receiving scholarship or loan, you can use for other payments, as well as with the help of your account, you can save, make payments and receive your first paycheck? Did you know that the M banking is free for students, and on the ATMs of UniCredit Group in Europe you can withdraw money without a commission? Did you know that with the help of your debit card you can make payments online, and to use it at home and abroad?

What are the key advantages of mBanking applications?

  • This application saves time and allows you to manage your finances from anywhere and at time that suits you.
  • Fee for transactions within UniCredit Bank is free of charge, which means that there is no charge for money transfer to your friend who have an account at our bank.
  • In addition, you can view the status of all accounts at any time.
  • All your transactions are in the archives, and for all payments you receive confirmation in all our branches.
  • In app you can create a template for payment, such as for exam application, you can use every time for next payment of the same services.
  • Fee payments through mBanking is charged 15 dinars fixed by order, for all transactions up to 300,000 dinars.
  • Using app abroad is free of charge.



How to become mBanking user?

M banking service can be activated in all our branches with the signing request. The whole process takes only a moment. For more information, see our instructional videos on the site Bank on button or call us 011/3777888