Frequently asked questions

  • Frequently asked questions
What is the procedure for opening the Student current account?
Do you pay for maintenance of the Student current account?
Results of contest and payments loans and scholarships
Do users student loans need to open an account?
How students who are from abroad on the exchange can open a current account?
Why is it necessary to submit the promissory note?
What is the procedure for opening the Student current account when the student is a minor who does not possess an ID card?
Who determines the date of payment?
How to avoid the crowds and withdraw money?
What if i do not possess card?
Which cards can be linked to the PayPal account?
What is the procedure for liberation of the returning student loan?
If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our team for student loans and scholarships, in person at Dr Milutin Ivkovic 2a in Belgrade, weekdays from 10am to 14pm, or via telephone and e-mail address.

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