Super transfer for students

  • Super transfer for students
Students get a chance to earn extra money by Super transfer.
Assemble a team with maximum of 10 or 20 friends or other people you know and earn up to 20,000 RSD!

Like every great team, we are always open for reinforcements. Invite your friends to open an account* at our bank. Reward for your effort is MasterCard gift card with the amount of 1,000 RSD per each client you invite who opened a current account and direct salary/pension to UniCredit Bank**. In addition, you can win an additional 500 RSD if the client within 45 days realized overdraft and/or credit card as well as additional amount of 500 RSD if the client informed within 45 days realized cash loan.
The maximum amount of awards per client is 20,000 RSD (20 clients or 10 clients that are realized one cash loan and/or overdraft/credit card or any combination up to a maximum of 20,000 RSD).

* It is enough that on the basis of the your recommendations your friends open a Selector current account or Senior current account at UniCredit Bank, whose tariffs for monthly maintenance ranges from 95 RSD to 429 RSD until 31 December 2016 and to receive at least one full monthly salary or pension on a current account, and you and also your friends who have opened an account in UniCredit Bank, as participants Super transfer, earn the right to have many benefits.

**To realize minimal gift for students in amount 1000 RSD it is needed to referred client receives salary/pension to UniCredit current account, which is condition to students can earn a bonuses in amount 500 RSD if a client chooses some of credit products.    

Users of the student current account can invite up to 20 friends or people who they know.

Benefits realized by users of Super transfers are:
• Cash Loan with or without insurance, with a fixed or variable interest rates at lower interest rates
• The lower the interest rate on Account Overdraft
• A lower interest rate for credit card MasterCard Standard

For additional information, call our Info phone 011/3 777 888 or visit us at UniCredit Bank.