Loan repayment status

Information on this page will be updated two working days after the payment, even though the payment is recorded in the bank system.
  • Loan repayment status

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to technical problems, all passwords of the users are restarted  and now are JMBG of the users. You can change the password after the first login with your contract number and JMBG number as a password.

To get an insight into the current repayment status, please enter the number of your Agreement as well as your JMBG number as the initial password when you first log in. After entering the initial password, you need to change this parameter. After changing the password, the next time you log in, you need to enter the number of the Agreement and the new password. In case you can not access the data, please visit our nearest branch office. Please note that your payments made in the previous two business days are not recorded on this site, regardless of the fact that the bank's system recorded a payment.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our Team for student loans and scholarships, in person at Dr Milutin Ivkovic 2a in Belgrade, weekdays from 10am to 14pm, or via telephone and e-mail address.
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